About Us

Sometimes all it takes to turn your life or career around is having another set of eyes, ears, and opinions. That’s exactly what Phoenix Lanka BFCS  offer with our Training &  Advisement.


At Phoenix Lanka BFCS, we provide exceptional coaching and training programs designed to equip you with the necessary skills to attain absolute success in your profession. Our programs are tailored to ignite within you a profound longing to strive independently and unlock your full potential.


With 8+ years of experience in consulting, Phoenix Lanka focuses on providing practical and personalized services to individuals and businesses who feel stuck or aren’t growing at the rate they expect. We offer comprehensive services, for Higher Education, Visa Consulting, Job Bank, Business Development, Industrial Development, Marketing, ISO and SLS certification and Driving license.


Whatever challenge you may be facing, our goal is to move you forward rapidly — and unleash your full potential.